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Consider this a shot across the bow of the entire ICO and blockchain-related sector: email marketing service Mailchimp recently enacted a policy shutting off Blockchain and ICO related accounts. Now, the first victims of this policy are getting the news, and responding in kind by attempting to read the riot act to Extremely Sale Online Outlet Store Womens 47327 Sling Back Sandals Ursula Mascar Real Sale Online For Sale Free Shipping zXYqJr1Y

Mailchimp announced the policy by alerting its customers on Thursday over email. Its customers freaked out. Like so:

We reached out to Mailchimp to see what the deal was. A rep for the company explained:

The company then reiterated its updated Acceptable Use Policy, which states that the company “does not allow businesses involved in any aspect of the sale, transaction, exchange, storage, marketing, or production of cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies, and any digital assets related to an Initial Coin Offering, to use MailChimp to facilitate or support any of those activities.”

In other words: If you’re making money on an ICO or blockchain, you won’t be doing it on Mailchimp. But talking about blockchain or ICOs? Totally fine:

Also, it’s not that they hate blockchain or your specific ICO, they just hate the con artists:

, indeed! We asked a few more questions about how MailChimp can actually delineate between emails from people involved in the shilling and profiteering of blockchain and ICOs versus people having news-related discussions of blockchain and ICOs (because, LOL, in the current moment, most non-algorithmichave a justifiably tough time distinguishing between the two). We’ll update here if they respond.

In the mean time, it’ll be a hell of a lot of fun to watch (1) which companies follow MailChimp’s lead, (2) which companies capitalize off of the fact that they nixed this entire segment of people from their platform and go all in on blockchain, sweeping ’em up in Mailchimp’s place, and(3) watching all of blockchain and ICO Twitter collectively lose their minds about feeling censored and repressed. Confidential to everyone in crypto: Mailchimp isn’t the Democratic Republic of North Korea (which you don’t live in).

They’re not eventhe only email marketing company in the world! It’s just the only one with Cheap Sale Many Kinds Of Royalty sneakers Sophia Webster Cheap Browse Cheap Clearance Store Choice Cheap Online wdneiW
. You’ll live another day, we swear.

So @MailChimp is closing the Week In Ethereum account in four weeks because they hate blockchains.

Centralized capricious power is exactly why we need blockchains

— Evan Van Ness (@evan_van_ness) March 29, 2018

We’re looking into this particular account, but if an account holder believes there’s been a mistake, they are encouraged to reach out to with the details, and MailChimp’s Legal team will take a closer look.

# CreateaSliderComponent
slider = new SliderComponent
width : 200
slider . center ( )
# Printthevalueforthepoint100
printslider . valueForPoint ( 100 )
# Returns0.5

Automatically animate to a specific value.

# CreateaSliderComponent
slider = new SliderComponent
slider . center ( )
# Animateto1
slider . animateToValue ( 1 )
# Animatewithacustomcurve
slider . animateToValue ( 1 , { curve : Spring } )

The SVGLayer allows you to define and reference SVG elements made in Design and Code. Set the fill , stroke , strokeWidth and more.

Digital Marketing Info Session


We look forward to meeting you. In the meantime, our admissions team will reach out soon to discuss our courses and your goals.

GA Los Angeles (DTLA), 360 E. 2nd Street, Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States

Need payment assistance? Our financing options allow you to focus on your goals instead of the barriers that keep you from reaching them.

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Let us figure out the best option for you.

Contact Us

¹ Must be a US citizen or Permanent Resident; approval pending state of residency.

Financing options differ in each market and are only available to students accepted into our programs. Contact a local admissions officer for more info.

We love questions, almost as much as we love providing answers. Here are a few samplings of what we’re typically asked, along with our responses:

The evolution of digital in the last 6 years has completely changed the way that people communicate, learn, and consume products. More than ever, brands have the ability to reach out to more customers and actually listen to them in order to tailor their messaging, brand, and product strategies.

The Digital Marketing course takes a holistic view of digital marketing, whilst really focusing on the more quantitative and data-driven aspects of contemporary marketing. You’ll be pushed to gain a clear understanding of a business’ goals and brand voice in order to launch a truly effective marketing campaign. Students will learn how to utilize analytics in order to make data-driven decisions ranging from audience segmentation and targeting, to what content resonates best with users.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:

A wonderfully varied group of people. Digital Marketing students tend to come from various backgrounds: architecture, publishing, design, and entrepreneurship. These students are often looking to apply digital marketing skills to their current jobs or to switch careers into the marketing world.

Dig Deeper Into The Curriculum


The course syllabus is on its way, and our admissions team will reach out shortly to discuss the course and your goals.

Meanwhile, we’d love to know a little more about you.

Thank you.

Our admissions team will call you soon to chat about the course. To reach us directly, please call us at +1 (213) 263-4147 or email admissions .

Speak with admissions about your options.


Our admissions team will reach out shortly to discuss the course and your goals.

Meanwhile, we’d love to know a little more about you.

Thank you.

Our admissions team will call you soon to chat about the course. To reach us directly, please call us at +1 (213) 263-4147 or email admissions .

Let’s keep you updated.

All Set!

We’ll notify you about the next session in your city. Until then, our admissions team will reach out to discuss our courses and your goals.

Meanwhile, we’d love to know a little more about you.

Thank you.

Our admissions team will call you soon to chat about the course. To reach us directly, please call us at +1 (213) 263-4147 or email admissions .

General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills. The leading source for training, staffing, and career transitions, we foster a flourishing community of professionals pursuing careers they love.

Today, we know that bloodletting is unhelpful because in 1828 a Parisian doctor named Pierre Louis did a controlled experiment. He treated 78 people suffering from pneumonia with early and frequent bloodletting or less aggressive measures and found that bloodletting did not help survival rates or recovery times.

Having roots in agriculture and medicine, controlled experiments have spread into the online world of websites and services. In an earlier Web Technologies article (R. Kohavi and R. Longobotham, “Online Experiments: Lessons Learned,” Computer, Sept. 2007, pp. 85-87) and a related survey (R. Kohavi et al., “Controlled Experiments on the Web: Survey and Practical Guide,” Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Feb. 2009, pp. 140-181), Microsoft’s Experimentation Platform team introduced basic practices of good online experimentation.

Three years later and having run hundreds of experiments on more than 20 websites, including some of the world’s largest, like and, we have learned some important practical lessons about the limitations of standard statistical formulas and about data traps. These lessons, even for seemingly simple univariate experiments, aren’t taught in Statistics 101. After reading this article we hope you will have better negative introspection: to know what you don’t know.

Online Experimentation at Microsoft, Sept 2009 Ron Kohavi, Thomas Crook, and Roger Longbotham

The paper won 3rd place at the Third Workshop on Data Mining Case Studies and Practice Prize .

Abstract: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining techniques are now commonly used to find novel, potentially useful, patterns in data (Fayyad, et al., 1996; Chapman, et al., 2000). Most KDD applications involve post-hoc analysis of data and are therefore mostly limited to the identification of correlations. Recent seminal work on Quasi-Experimental Designs (Jensen, et al., 2008) attempts to identify causal relationships. Controlled experiments are a standard technique used in multiple fields. Through randomization and proper design, experiments allow establishing causality scientifically, which is why they are the gold standard in drug tests. In software development, multiple techniques are used to define product requirements; controlled experiments provide a way to assess the impact of new features on customer behavior. The Data Mining Case Studies workshop calls for describing completed implementations related to data mining. Over the last three years, we built an experimentation platform system (ExP) at Microsoft, capable of running and analyzing controlled experiments on web sites and services. The goal is to accelerate innovation through trustworthy experimentation and to enable a more scientific approach to planning and prioritization of features and designs (Foley, 2008).Along the way, we ran many experiments on over a dozen Microsoft properties and had to tackle both technical and cultural challenges. We previously surveyed the literature on controlled experiments and shared technical challenges (Kohavi, et al., 2009). This paper focuses on problems not commonly addressed in technical papers: cultural challenges, lessons, and the ROI of running controlled experiments.

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